Occupation: Producer, DJ, Live act

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1987年8月4日生まれ。Notebook Records(JP)主催。

オランダの老舗ハードコアレーベルMegarave Recordsをはじめ自主レーベルNotebook Records(JP)や
日本国内のbeatnation RHYZE、X-TREME HARD、HARDCORE TANO*Cなどのレーベルから

DJ Paul Elstak、Evil Activities、DJ Mad Dogといった
ハードコアテクノシーン最前線のDJによるMIX CDに楽曲が収録。
2012年にはHard Dance AwardsのBest International DJ Asia部門2位獲得。
2013年、This is Hardcore Remix Contestに入選するなど、国境を越えて高い評価を得ている。
2014年、KONAMIの音楽ゲームブランドBEMANIが主催する「beatnation RHYZE」にL.E.D.氏の推薦で加入。
「Defqon.1 Festival 2014」のオフィシャルミックスCDに楽曲が収録。
オランダのブッキングサイト「RIGE BOOKINGS」に掲載。フットワークの軽さを発揮している。

Dirty Bastards、HELLSYSTEM、RAYDEN、JUANMA、Angerfist、
DJ Hidden、Scott Brown、Human Resource、Gammer、Kutski、
Current Value、Suburbass、DJ Plagueなどのアーティストと競演を果たしている。
札幌で数少ないハードコアテクノイベント「YATSUZAKI HARDCORE」の主催も行っている。

自身レーベルNotebook Records(JP)の展開も活発。個性的なトラックのリリースはもちろん
Rayden、Endymion、Hellsystem、Nitrogenetics、THE SPEED FREAK、DJ Plagueといった



Born in August 4th 1987, Composer, DJ and a Label Owner of Notebook
Records(JP) based in Sapporo, Japan.

RoughSketch is known for his unique ways of adding different genres
into his hardcore tracks. He has released his both original and remix
music from ”Megarave” which is one of the oldest hardcore label in
the Netherlands, his own label ”Notebook Records(JP)” and also
labels such as ”X-TREME HARD” and ”HARDCORE TANO*C” in Japan.

His music was also recorded in a mix cd by DJ Paul Elstak, with
artists such as DJ Paul Elstak, Evil Activities, DJ Mad Dog who is in
the frontline of the hardcore scene. In 2012, he received an award for
being in the second place for ”Best International DJ Asia”, then on
2013 he was one of the winners in ”This is Hardcore Remix Contest”
making RoughSketch highly rated from all over the world.
From 2014, KONAMI launched ”Beatnation RHYZE” which RoughSketch
was recommended by L.E.D. and joined the label.

RoughSketch is also energetic on the DJ side as he has played with
artists such as DJ Hidden, Scott Brown, Human Resource, Gammer, Kutski, Current Value,
Suburbass, DJ Plague. He also hosts the only hardcore event in Sapporo

Notebook Records(JP) is growing bigger with better tracks in each
release and has released tracks of artists such as Rayden, Endymion,
Hellsystem, Nitrogenetics, THE SPEED FREAK, DJ Plague. The label is
now sending the Japanese style of hardcore to overseas and at the same
time, it is bringing in hardcore sounds into Japan which is connecting
both sides of hardcore.